How To Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 In France (Step By Step Guide)

Unlike the previous edition of the Rugby World Cup, the broadcaster of this prestigious event won’t be the domestic rightsholder. Despite the differences, all of the rugby fans shouldn’t worry at all because the new provider will deliver such great coverage service so that you can follow the Rugby World Cup 2019 without any hassle.

Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 live stream in France

Instead of the conventional ways of broadcasting, the one which takes the helmet is International Games Broadcast Services or IGBS. It is an international coverage provider which ensures that all of the RWC 2019 games are available to watch.

International Games Broadcast Services is a joint venture of HBS – Host Broadcast Services and IMG. This joint venture entity will work maximally to manage the production duties. IGBS will use the best resources to deliver the top quality video services for all rugby fans around the world.

Did we also mention that Japanese broadcaster NHK will bring the coverage up to 8k resolution? It will surely enhance the experience in watching Rugby World Cup 2019 entirely.

From IGBS, viewers can expect to see 4K resolution footage as well. It is going to be awesome.

Watch Rugby World Cup 2019 Live Stream from France

If you are watching or living in French, you will want to keep following your favorite team through the official channel.


TF1 is the official broadcaster of the RWC 2019 in France.It is a French free-to-air TV channel managed by the TF1 Group, whose major share-holder is Bouyguyes. Since it has the most market share in the country, it has become the most popular domestic network. TF1 has been popular because of its flagship series broadcast. Perhaps because of its high viewership, the officials give the helmet to TF1 to do the broadcast in France country.

TF1 is the part of the TF1 Group of mass media companies that includes the news channel as well. The channel uses the satellite TV provider TPS.

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The TF1 is also popular because of its sophisticated Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV or HbbTV initiative which its focus is to promote and establish the open European standard for the hybrid set-top boxes for the reception of terrestrial TV and broadband multimedia apps.

TF1 is indeed the most popular TV network in France and you can’t go wrong with it. For a long time, the TF1 was the only TV channel in France. It is the oldest channel in the country.

All of the TF1 contents are available live and on-demand. That includes the RWC 2019 that we will watch.

If you are looking for the live streaming services, you could try its TF1 online streaming service. It is also one of the most prominent live streaming services in France. However, just like any other live streaming service, you will experience blackouts when using this service outside the France country.

MYTF1 conducts the geo-blocking to stop anyone using their service overseas. It is entirely fair because the TF1 wants to focus their market for the French viewers, not others. However, there’s a way to work around this.

There is a way to work around with the geo-restriction policy and you will still be able to enjoy the entire event without any hassle. If you want to know how, hang tight and stay tune.

You can still use MYTF1 with your credentials with the help of a VPN service. The VPN service will help you to connect to France server, and mask your real IP with that. For instance, if you are going to USA this holiday, you just need to connect to France server through your VPN service. And VOILA, you will be able to access MYTF1 service without any hassle.

The catch here is that you will need to subscribe to paid VPN service to attain good quality of the connection. The problem with unauthorized VPN service is that they often come with spyware and malware which are pretty dangerous for your device.

So, you will want to invest a little bit to use the trustworthy and reliable VPN services. There are many options that are available online and you won’t know which one is the best for you unless you try them one by one. Consider to read the reviews from trusted reviewers. Only by then, you can have the best references in picking the VPN service. If necessary, you could also use their free trials to assess their services first.

Good luck!